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it's a long time since i blogged ;D
anyway im here to blog about saturday!
Great day had jogathon
we ran with form 1s so me my bro wei fong and anslem decided to stick together
was raining halfway through the race :D
at the end wei fong finished 20 anslem 21 my bro 23 me 24
after that we decided to go to midvalley
anslem's dad send us to the KTM station(which i never wanna go again in my life)
so many people!
wei fong got stuck when we we neded to switch train after he got in it was full
so me anslem my bro and aaron had to wait for the next train
suddenly my bro realised that wei fong's ticket was with him
so wei fong had to wait until we reached how sad xD
so we reached midvalley at 1 something if im not mistaken
i went to get my bottle wei fong bought a new bodyglove bag
and my bro got new converse shoes
after at 2:30
went for math tuition nabil came late screw you NABIL! :p
after tuition went back home freshend up myself
and we all left for my grandma's house to celebrate moon cake festival
and my aunt's "chinise" birthday
had great time with cousin's took pictures played dare or dare for 4 rounds xD
and played The Red Star with yang
fucking funny!
that's about it for now CIAO!

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First commitee meeting and futsal shoes ;D

so today i had my first meeting with the sss commtiee members of 09/10
it was OK!
after that me,my bro,my sis and veronica went for the 10 oclock service
shi hao,gab and chris didnt come =(
after 5mins brian came,after service went to eat pan mee it was awesome =D
after that went to tesco for g
after that went home dad said after cleaning my table he would take me and my bro
to go get our futsal shoe

i did it then went to nap for 15mins
after that went to midvalley first wanted to get mecurial veloci went to 3 different stores
not one had my size
so went to pavillion went to stadium
it =D

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Futsal competition

i haven't been blogging so im goanna blog now =D
ok day before yesterday had futsal competition
in my school so me and bro had to wake up early
the competition started at 9 cause waited for some indians cause they had pj
o yea our team
BC Team
wei fong
shazry(goal keeper)
chin jet(sub)
so our match was the 4th one against indians
their team's name manchester united beat them 3-0
goals scored by:bro 2x nazirul 1
our 2nd match was against my class forgot their team's name
game ended 0-0 so went into penalties
we won 1-0 thnx to wei fong and shazry
3rd one was against kasut buruk really tough one
they had 2 or 3 playing for school's team
but we managed to screw them up 4-2 =D
goals by:nazirul 2x bro 2x
so after that it was the finals
BC Team vs Converse All Star
we lost 2-1
goals scored by me in the last minute :)
but we still won because of goal difference i think
we scored altogether 8 goals the rest were about 4 or 3 only not sure
still can't believe we got 1st!
after the competition we decided to go to chin jet's house to celebrate
his mom so generous go buy McDonalds for us spicy chicken mc deluxe wei!
LARGE somemore
after that wei fong shazry and chin jet went swimming me and bro didnt want to swim
at 3 me bro and wei fong used bus from jalan ipoh all the way to melawati to wei fong's house
reached his house at 4:30 waited in his house for dad until 4:45 and reached home exactly at 5
after that i bathed went to sleep until 8 =D
thats it =D goanna go now have tuition later CIAO!

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TAGGED by Gabriel

13 Things that use to or still scare's you.

1)Baby dolls-They scare the shit out of me
2)Resident evil 4-zombies running after you are just plain creepy
3)Beggars-That is why i never go to pasar malams anymore
4)Ghost videos on youtube-...
5)Walking alone outside the house during midnight-i need at least someone to teman me
6)Ghost movies-but i still love them i mean who doesn't =D
7)That vampire on sesame street-that monster used to scare me
8)DEATH!-i am afraid of it are you? 
9)Lala people-they are creepy people 
10)Reading ghost books-There was once i couldn't sleep for a week 
11)The Dark!-its dark and creepy
12)When my dad says no-its really scary when he says no =/
13)Being onstage-imagine so many eyes just looking at you

Imma tag

Shin Wei
Wei Jing
Brian lee 

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A day of futsal fun with Mr.A

June 4 2009
was the awesome day where we played futsal with Mr.Anis
had a great time
sad case for nabil stopped the ball with his balls haha no father's day for him as mr.anis said xD
picture TIME!
credits to mr.anis for taking them :)
mr.anis's ball
from left to right:Ryan,my bro,shazry and half naked nabil xD wei fong(left) me(right)

nabil ryan shazry and andy
ok there's still more pics but now im tired so upload it tomorrow maybe.

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found some really funny chelsea Q&A jokes
Q: Two Chelsea fans jump off a cliff. Which one hits the ground first?
A: Who gives a F**K!

Q: What do you get when you cross a Chelsea Fan with a pig?
A: I don’t know, there are some things a pig just won’t do.

Q: What do you call a Chelsea fan on the moon?
A: A Problem.

Q: What do you call 100 Chelsea fans on the moon?
A: An even bigger problem.

Q: What do you call all the Chelsea fans on the moon?
A: Problem solved.

Q: How do you define 144 Chelsea fans?
A: Gross Stupidity.

Q: Why did Chelsea go on the stock exchange?
A: To prove that crap can float.

Q: What is the difference between Gianfranco Zola and a mini?
A: A mini can only carry three passengers.

Q: Why do Chelsea fans whistle whilst sitting on the toilet?
A: So they know which end to wipe.

Q: What’s the difference between a Chelsea supporter and an Onion?
A: No one cries when you chop up a Chelsea fan.

Q: What do Chelsea keepers and singer Michael Michael Jackson both have in common?
A: Both wear gloves for no apparent reason.

Q: What does Claudi Ranieri say when Chelsea score?
A: Fantastic. Now let us try to get goal at other end of pitch.

Btw Chelsea SUCKS!

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End of massacre

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